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At NRV, we know that getting your herd or veal calves off to a good start and maintaining a healthy momentum can make all the difference in your bottom line. 

That's why, we want to be more than just your Milk Replacer supplier, we also want to be your full time, hard working partner for success.  We've combined our unsurpassed technologies and resources into delivering the best value, best quality, proven formulas, feed schedule options, advanced nutrient protection system, fast turnaround, technical support, financing, private labeling and friendly service,

NRV’s feed businesses manufacture top of the line products for veal dairy and beef calves. Those products include:

Dairy Herd Milk Replacers
  • NutraMelk 20/20 or 22/20 Unmedicated -   20% or 22% protein, 20% fat
  • NutraMelk 20/20 or 22/20 Medicated  400Neo/200Oxy – 20% protein, 20% fat
  • Professional Calf Ranch Formula 26/17
  Accelarated Formula Milk Replacer
  26% protein, 17% Fat
  • Nutramelk 28/15 Intensive Feeding Program 28% protein, 15% fat

Evolve Dairy Herd Milk Replacer Program
  • evolve 28/14 resynch fortified +AP
Accelerated Formula Milk Replacer
28% Protein, 14% Fat
  • evolve Extender 30/5 resynch fortified + AP
  • evolve 18% SmartStarter textured feed
  • evolve 16% KickStarter textured feed

Quality Control
NRV quality control is continuous throughout the production process and begins by monitoring the incoming ingredients for:

  Solids      Flavor and Taste
  Fat   Protein Quality  PH/Acidity Solubility

Only the highest quality ingredients are procured to guarantee high quality finished products. Every batch must conform to all specifications and no product is shipped unless it conforms to all quality parameters.

NRV also recognizes that quality water is essential to optimizing your feed utilization and thereby returning bottom line profits. Therefore, NRV provides farm water analysis twice a year at no cost to the customer.